cultivating ecological and social design innovation 

in the built environment 



RMIT Regenerative Design Studio 

Design Think Lab founder, Sarah Naarden is co leading a speculative biodesign studio with Alexi Freeman. The studio explores Regenerative co-design opportunities within the circular economy.


Where Neurons Connect

Design Think Lab proudly co-produced a symposium bridging neuroscience and design with 4 keynote speakers and 8 workshops. The collaboration was with Tansel Ali 4 x Australian Memory champion and coach for Todd Sampson in ABC's TV series 'Redesign your Brain'


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Design Think Tank

Design Think Lab collaborates with fellow thought leaders, in a think tank to champion social and design innovation addressing the most challenging issues of our time. 

DesignThink Lab optimises diverse and

inclusive participation with innovative community engagement programs. These comprise of: ideation and prototype workshops, community awareness events, public exhibitions and crowd- funding campaigns which ultimately lead to a built environment project. 

Whilst exceeding stakeholder expectations, the bespoke process aims to empower the voices first people, old people, young people,cultural and gender diversity.


The Healing Garden 

Design Think Lab is passionate about creating social change through urban renewal, landscape,architectural and interior design projects. 


In effort to Close the Gap in Indigenous health an Aboriginal Healing Garden was created through the Design Think Tank at Monash Health. It comprised of Indigenous Elders,medical professionals, architects, social workers,  journalists,  artists  and  philanthropists.  In 2014, it was recognized by the Australian Federal Government with a Community Service Award 


The Healing Garden forms part of a series including: a Sensory and Memory Garden for children and an Intergeneration Garden for culturally diverse communities. 


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The Hughaus Project

Design Think Lab is proud to launch Hughaus, a rethinking of the granny flat with aim to strengthen intergenerational connection.

Hughaus is a prefabricated micro apartment featuring elegant design and seamless accessibility. It cleverly transitions from a home office, carers space, holiday rental to seniors residence.

The Hughaus Project enables older people to thrive in the homes and communities they choose  by attracting young people and families to volunteer care roles in exchange for their rent.


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Sarah Naarden is a trans-disciplinary designer, architect and collaborative research leader. In 2015 she founded Design Think Lab to champion social and ecological impact through regenerative circular design thinking.


Sarah has  25 years of experience in architecture, interiors, landscape and product design practice and combines this with a focus on social sustainability. Sarah sits on the panel for the Victoria Design Review Panel. As a former Associate director of Bates Smart, Sarah lead a design team for the Royal Children’s Hospital. With Indigenous Elders and Design Think Tank, Sarah co designed The Aboriginal Healing Garden at Monash Health. It was acknowledged with a Federal Government Community Services award.

Currently, Sarah is a PhD Candidate in Wonderlab at Monash University. She is investigating Co-design for regenerative place-making and design pedagogy.


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